We offer freeride coaching and events designed specifically for 13-17 year old skiers and snowboarders who are interested in riding beyond the piste and becoming outstanding freeriders.

Over the winter season we schedule 3 coaching weekends that are open to all who register. For other clubs and groups we also offer tailor-made freeride coaching sessions as required. Our three scheduled coaching days are spaced across January, February and March and run at different venues across Scotland according to the conditions. The culmination of our season is the Junior Coe Cup freeride competition which is held at the end of March at Glencoe. All our registered trainees are invited to compete along with the wider 13-17yr old snowsports community who want to give it a go.

BIENNIAL CAMP: Every second year we then add to our annual programme with a special overseas, week-long freeride training camp. The camp is open to all registered BF trainees. When possible, we align this with a European Freeride Junior Tour (FJT) event, and from our squad of trainees we then select a FREERIDE TEAM to compete, not only for themselves and British Freeride, but also for Scotland - a truly memorable experience for those who attend.



Our pre-season meet takes place at the National Training Centre, Glenmore Lodge. This is a chance for all trainees who have signed up for the BF programme, to come together ahead of the season, meet each other and the coaching team, and benefit from a fun day of pre-season training and preparation. It's a great chance to make friends, check kit and familiarise yourself with what to expect over the season. Sign up for the programme here

BF COACHING DAYS - £45pp/day 

After our pre-season meet we then offer three freeride coaching days, spread over the season in January, February and March. Our 2024 dates are:-

Coaching days are planned for the Saturday of the designated weekend and will take place at what we consider to be the best location for freeride conditions. Sunday will serve as a backup option if Saturday conditions are poor. 

On the weekend prior we will aim to confirm where the training will take place, and by Wednesday we'll confirm if the Saturday is suitable or whether we are changing to the Sunday. The decision will hinge on snow and forecasted weather conditions. 

These unique coaching days combine the spirit of off-piste adventure with training on the 5 core components of freeride performance, as determined by the the judging criteria of the Freeride World Tour listed below.


We then provide all trainees with a solid foundation in the key off-piste safety education required to create an awareness and respect of the hazards and challenges found away from the groomed runs.

The core safety and knowledge training covers Equipment, Weather, Snowpack, Avalanche Avoidance, Avalanche Search and Rescue, Group Safety, First Aid and much more! There's a lot to learn! 

All trainees are then provided with personal feedback using our British Freeride Skills Tracker.

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The Junior Coe Cup is the culmination of our season offering all 13-17 year olds the opportunity to compete in a Freeride Competition. This special event has now been running for 5 years and provides trainees with their chance to shine and show off their talents developed over the season. Find out more and register for the Junior Coe Cup 

BF EURO CAMP - Isola 2000

Our 2024 Euro-Camp is planned for 9-15 April in Isola 2000, France. On 13/14 April a French Freeride Series Junior Freeride World Tour event will be held in resort and trainees travelling to Isola are encouraged to enter. The programme is as follows:-

Full camp details can be found here


As well as the above scheduled days, British Freeride Coaches are available to come and deliver a bespoke freeride coaching for clubs or groups at the venue of your choice. Each coach can safely work on a ratio 1 coach to 4 trainees or 2:10. They will attend your chosen venue from 0930am to 3.30pm and deliver tailor made coaching. Each trainee will be given personalised development feedback using the British Freeride Skills Tracker. Costs start at £120/day + expenses per coach. Enquire by emailing

"It's an amazing programme that has literally changed my life" 

Finbar Doig - Freeride Athlete


This is a training and event programme like no other, designed to build skills and a love for freeriding, as well as an understanding of the responsibility that comes with the freedom of mountain! We are big on developing the right culture and respect amongst our freeride trainees, and hold strong our 10 values:- Freedom, Adventure, Enjoyment, Inspiration, Belief, Respect, Trust, Knowledge, Progression and Achievement!


Our vibe and ethos is best understood by watching "LATE", a very special freeride adventure movie made in 2015 by the original founders of British Freeride, Rob Kingsland and Aaron McLean-Foreman.


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Please only pay for coaching weekends and the  Junior Coe Cup, once requested to do so.

Only once we have a weather and conditions go ahead, will we request that you pay using the buttons below. 

This saves the need for unnecessary payments and refunds.



At British Freeride we understand that coach feedback is critical to help trainees know how they're getting on. After every coaching session our coaches provide every trainee with personal feedback on their progress

We track this progress using our unique British Freeride Trainee Skills Tracker designed in vertical format for use on a mobile phone. 

Every trainee that signs up for coaching will be setup with their own online progression tracker. That way, as trainees and/or parents you know exactly how you're progressing and what you need to work on between coaching sessions.


Our U18 freeride coaching programme is supplemented by the opportunity for all U18 trainees to get involved in the running and organisation of freeride events. Each trainees is invited to put their name forward to serve as a volunteer and support the event crew at one of Scotland's Big Mountain Freeride Tour events in the Scottish Freedom Series (SFS). 

This opportunity provides trainees with a greater understanding of how freeride events work as well as building valuable organisational skills.


At the end of March British Freeride hosts the annual Junior Coe Cup which offers all British Freeride trainees and the wider community of U18 skiers and snowboarders, the opportunity to try competing in a judged freeride event

The event includes an hour of pre-comp freeride coaching for all competitors and then 2 judged runs on the selected competition face.

It's a great day with a cool chilled vibe, that offers all our British Freeride trainees the opportunity to showcase their newly developed skills. 

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British Freeride is run by a committee of 3 office bearers supported by a coaching and mountain safety team. In addition we invite guest speakers and coaches to occasionally deliver additional training content and information. Meet the team...

President - Andy Meldrum (MD Glencoe Mountain Resort)
Safety Lead - Andy Townsend (Head of Snowsports at Glenmore Lodge)
Chair - Iain Ramsay-Clapham - (Snowsport Scotland)
Head Coach Euan Baxter  (Snowsport Scotland)
Coach & FWQ Athlete - Finbar Doig
Coach - Jimmy Fitzpatrick
Coach - Aaron Milne
Coach - Peter Smith
Coach - Ti McIntosh
Coach and Event Safety Support -Connor Ramsay-Clapham
Vids + Pics - Fynn Gentle